MOGAS MARINA XHP 4030 & 4040



MOGAS Marina XHP series is a high-performance crankcase lubricant for medium-speed trunk-piston engine operating on residual fuel. It is formulated from high-quality base oils and additives packages to ensure maximum protection and output of the engines. The BN of 40 and high BN retention ensure a high level of detergency needed to cope with the severe pressures and temperatures found in modern trunk piston engines.

Marina XHP oil is designed to meet the needs of engines operating on heavy fuel and can be used in most medium-speed
trunk piston engine applications. Marina XHP is designed for conditions of very high oil stress and has been further optimized to improve deposit control. It is recommended for use in main propulsion and auxiliary engines on deep-sea vessels and in stationary power plants.

ACEA: E3-96; API CG-4
Meets requirements of MTU Type II engine oil category
Suitable for ABC, Baudouin, Caterpillar 3600, Deutz, MAN,
Mitsubishi, MTU, and Wartsilla engines

• Ensures a high level of engine and piston cleanliness in all operating conditions
• The high Total Base Number (TBN) and superior alkalinity retention enable prolonged oil drain intervals
• Very good wear control leading to excellent protection against bore polishing and long engine life
• Very high resistance to oxidation and good thermal stability
• Offers very good corrosion control even with higher sulphur fuel levels.


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