MOGAS Chainsaw & Bar Oil 150 is a high-quality chain saw oil, formulated by high-quality base oil that resists splash-creep,
throw-off, and drip. It is based on solvent-refined paraffinic oils and it contains additives to enhance load-carrying, anti-rust, and adhesive properties.

• Used when sawing hardwood because of Its high levels of performance and is recommended for all types of chain saws including slow-moving external gears and chains where minimum oil wastage is desirable.
• For modern, high-performance chainsaw oil with special adhesion agent for all types of motor saws.
• Lubrication-enhancing additives ensure that levels of chain and track erosion remain as low as
• Portable and installed chainsaw machines.
• Lubrication of chains, slideways, and guide rails of industrial equipment.
• Chainsaw & bar oil is NOT TO BE USED AS ENGINE OIL of the chainsaw.

Specification and Approvals:
ISO VG 150

• Reduced oil usage through excellent adhesive properties
• Improved lubrication and less wear in high-speed rotating mechanisms subject to oil depletion from centrifugal force
• The load-carrying and anti-rust materials make it an ideal circulating oil
• Provide excellent adhesive strength at the chain to avoid oil loss and guide bar against wear, rust, and corrosion.
• High adhesiveness on chainsaws and guide bars for maximum life of components
• Minimizes oil loss due to fling-off thus saving costs and related failures
• Low pour point ensures flow ability even at low operating outdoor temperatures.


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