MOGAS Radiator Coolant 50:50 is a coolant and corrosion inhibitor formulated using virgin ethylene glycol to enable effective performance in radiators, engine jackets, piping, and heat exchangers by depositing a protective, micro-thin film on all metal surfaces contacted, including aluminum and multimetal systems, as well as those systems with a high dissolved oxygen content and where flow is sluggish or even static.

For use in passenger cars, light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and off-road and stationary equipment found in construction, agriculture, mining, power generation, and marine, sectors.

Specification and Approvals:
ASTM D4985, D3306, D5345, D4656, D6210
Caterpillar; Case Corp MS1710 Detroit Diesel 7SE298
Cumming 90T8-4, 3666132 Freightliner 48-22880;
Ford New Holland 9-86 GM 1825M, 1899M GSA A-A-
870, DOD A-A-52624 MACK; John Deere 8650-5
PACCAR; Navistar TMC; SAE J1941, J1034 White/GMC
Div. of Volvo

• Adequate operating temperature range against boiling and freezing of the coolant
• Excellent protection against corrosion of ferrous, yellow, and alloy metals, including aluminum
• Prevents cavitation and prolongs the life of water pumps
• Does not affect rubber hoses and seals.


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