MOGAS Prottex Grease WBX is a high performance, extreme pressure, multipurpose lithium complex grease designed for superior performance and protection under harsh operating conditions. It possesses excellent ability to withstand severe heat and shock load
conditions while maintaining its mechanical consistency over extended periods during operation, compared to standard grease grades. Operating temperature range -30°C to +160°C (Peak 170°C)

MOGAS Prottex Grease WBX is recommended for heavy duty trucks, buses, off-road and 4WD vehicles for wheel bearings, chassis and fifth wheel lubrication. It is also suitable for general industrial greasing where anti-Oxidation, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties are requirements.

Specification and Approvals:
Meet NLGI 3 & NLGI 2; ASTM D 4950-07 GC-LB; ISO
6743-9; L-XBEHB2, L-XBEHB3.KP 2 K; KP 3 K

• Excellent resistance to high temperatures found in wheel bearings of heavy duty vehicles
• Very good mechanical stability, tackiness and high resistance to water wash-out
• Very good anti-wear and extreme pressure properties for maximum bearing protection
• Multipurpose for most automotive and industrial applications, enabling optimized stocking
• Unlikely to present any health, safety nor environmental hazard under normal proper use.


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