MOGAS Hitrans TO-4 is a heavy-duty transmission and drive-train lubricant range designed to meet the rigorous Caterpillar TO-4 performance requirements, to achieve optimized performance of equipment components and maximum protection, including pressure systems.

Meets Allison C4; Caterpillar TO-4;
Komatsu Micro Clutch (KES 07.868.1);
API GL-3 / CF; ZF TE-ML 03

For lubrication of manual, power-shift, and automatic transmissions, rear axles, final drive hydraulic systems, and winches found in civil works equipment and trucks when Caterpillar TO-4 or Allison C4 oil is required. It is also suitable for gearboxes with retarder units, torque converters, and immersed oil (wet) brakes.

• Well-balanced friction properties ensuring the optimized function of power-shift transmissions
• Prolonged life of final drives and other components even at high temperatures and heavy-duty cycles
• Excellent high oxidation stability, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties
• Smooth gear shifts
• Power steering pump and oil seal extended life
• Enhanced frictional properties optimize clutch performance and ensure noise-free wet brakes
• Keeps metal parts free of sludge and varnish, leading to reliable operation.


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