MOGAS Radiator Fluid Conc 100 is a superior quality, single-phase, mono-ethylene glycol product. It is a low silicate, all-purpose coolant designed for use in both heavy-duty diesel and automotive use, particularly those containing aluminum alloys. MOGAS Radiator
Fluid Conc 100 is NAP-free (Nitrites, Amines and Phosphates).

MOGAS Radiator Fluid Conc 100 is suitable for use in vehicles requiring a conventional radiator cooling system in internal combustion engines. For optimum year-round protection against freezing, boiling, and water corrosion, a 50% MOGAS Radiator fluid Concentrate (1 part coolant to 1 part water) is recommended. For maximum protection against freezing in extremely cold areas, a 60% solution (3
parts coolant to 2 parts Water) can be used. Never dilute the product to less than 30% MOGAS Radiator Fluid Conc 100 (1 part Coolant: 3 parts Water) as this will diminish the corrosion protection of the final fluid mix. Concentrations greater than 67% are not
recommended. For “Topping up” you may fill the Coolant directly into the expansion container and let the engine run warm.

Specification and Approvals:
SAE J 1034, ASTM D 4985,
Motors GM 1899M (GM 6038M),
Chrysler MS 7170,
John Deere H24B1/24C1,
Cummins 90T8-4,
Ford EZE M-97B44-A, Detroit Diesel, and a host of
many other international specifications.

• Corrosion protection provides improved engine reliability and durability
• Frost protection enables its protection against engine damage in the winter
• Boiling protection for the ability to control overheating, coolant loss, and breakdown at high engine temperatures
• Miscibility and seal compatibility for ease of mixing with water and is suitable for general use in all vehicle engines
• Hard water stability to avoid deposits in the engine when used with hard water
• Adequate operating temperature range against boiling and freezing of the coolant
• Excellent protection against corrosion of ferrous, yellow, and alloy metals, including aluminum
• Prevents cavitation and prolongs the life of water pumps
• Does not affect rubber hoses and seals.



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